Guy Fawkes RP Drive - 3 Million and Counting

So far Ron Paul has raised over 3 MILLION dollars today and the day is not over yet. Record breaking internet donations...

I don't mean to "shill for Ron Paul"(as Redstate says) but there's still time to donate before November 5th is over.

Dirty politics aside, I find it fascinating that the official Ron Paul campaign had very little to do with this November 5th fundraising drive. Some other people started the thisnovember5th site that got the ball rolling and the campaign figured they'd get a little money today but they expected nothing like this.

See stats at

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Don't donate because you

Don't donate because you think it'll help anything.  Donate because it'll piss off Sean Hannity.

Gold price

With gold over $820, Ron Paul can probably contribute a lot to himself :D