Maybe I'm Biased, but...

Some brain surgeons are claiming that rocket scientists aren't all that smart. I'm not so sure about studies authored by brain surgeons. Besides, unlike brain surgeons, rocket scientists have to make contributions to the field* before they are considered rocket scientists.

Oh and then a University of Minnesota Expert claims University of Minnesota Experts are even smarter. Come on now. PZ Myers can be considered an expert in some things, is at the University of Minnesota, and is pretty darn intelligent, but smarter than rocket scientists? I don't think so.

*more specifically - contribute pieces of their rocket to the field (meadow, desert, canyon, or whatever, we aren't picky) they are testing in. Preferably in an explosive manner.

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I dated a rocket scientist

I once went on a date with a girl who was an engineer at NASA.

The next day, someone asked me, "was she smart?" I said, "she was no rocket scientist."