Yeah, they really acted like that in the '60s

After a little ignoring of older libertarian literature and a little awkward stuff about the appeal of Ayn Rand to Jews and gays, Aaron Haspel has a hilarious characterization of the four Randist types, including:

4. Twitchy. Twitchy has one overwhelming appetite that he
hopes Objectivism, which seems to have all the answers, will either
justify or cure. Sometimes it is for religion (”you haf read ze
proofs?”), sometimes for drugs, sometimes for homosexual sex. He scours
the Objectivist literature on his specialty, in which he is a match in
learning even for Bully-Boy. A gay Twitchy once argued to me that it is
“irrational” to choose a sex partner on the basis of gender because
“one’s gender is not a moral choice.” Call me old-fashioned, but I
prefer “got a light?”

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