A True Case of Being Above the Law

I think this was and is a stupid incentive to set up. 

"Security contractors have immunity from Iraqi law under a provision put
into place in the early days of the U.S.-led occupation."

Even if there truly is some other legal framework under which they operate it sure looks bad. 


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Yeah, but what was the alternative

If you go into a country intending to change its political order, it would be absurd to subject your own soldiers to its political order. Let's look at some examples. Suppose we invaded Iran. Should we then apply Iranian law to gays in the military, and hang them all, at least the ones in Iran? I'm sure additional examples along these lines are easily supplied.

It's not just a matter of laws we don't like (such as laws prescribing capital punishment for homosexuality or for the crime of being a rape victim). It's also a matter of foreign courts. If we are invading a country, it would be insane to trust its court system to deliver justice to our soldiers, because the particular courts in question could very well be compromised by the enemy who seeks merely to make war on us by any means possible. The government of Iraq, as is well known, is in no small part in the hands of our enemies on the battlefield. Some government employees moonlight as insurgents.

I say "soldier" in my discussion above but the same point applies to anyone who is over there supporting the effort.

The problem I have

The problem I have is that they should not have installed a government that has laws that they can't abide by.    No if we are invading Nazi Germany then we don't have to kill all the Jews in our ranks but you'd think we'd install a new government that doesn't make being a Jew a crime.