Spitting on Hobbes's grave

A few days ago Chris Edwards broke down Hillary Clinton's $5000 baby proposal with seven objections.  I found this through Rough Ol' Boy, and really he already quoted the best part:

Generational Issues. The current Social Security and Medicare systems create a huge and involuntary transfer from young people to old people. Senator Clinton does not favor cutting these programs, while her new baby proposal would create a new program to take from older people (who are paying taxes) to give to young people. Clinton thus favors different programs that work exactly against each other.

Rather than having multiple government transfer programs working at cross-purposes, politicians might try simply cutting benefits and scaling down the fiscal war of all against all. 

This is a brilliant way to put it: the fiscal war of all against all.  And not just with this proposal, but generally speaking.

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I was shocked for a moment

Instead of "Chris Edwards" for a moment I read "John Edwards", and I was floored by what I read. Alas, I was wrong about the attribution. Now I am simply reminded, yet again, that what I hate most about our presidential elections is how rotten the candidates all are. At least the ones that have any hope of winning.