Defeating the Evil Twins

Some of today’s most serious problems are Global warming and Global inequality.

The left likes to think these two problems can be solved by the developed nations. All we have to do is live more simply, use renewable energy and solve inequality by transferring wealth to underdeveloped countries. No politician would survive if he actually voted to do this and it wouldn’t work anyway. With all due respect to Bill Gates, even though 2.3 trillion dollars have been spent on foreign aid in the last sixty years most of it has gone to waste. Politicians of both parties won’t even approve of limiting tariffs and reducing domestic subsidies that inhibit free trade and foreign development. This is a selfish position for leftists who often question other people’s altruism. Economic development is the only proven means out of poverty for undeveloped nations.

On the other hand, economic development means increased energy usage because energy is used to produce things and wealthier people use more energy. Wealth means energy does work so people don’t have to. Of course you could use peasants, servants and slaves to do your work but I thought we were trying to do away from that sort of thing. “Power to the people” is the slogan of leftist egalitarian. Now leftist environmentalists have rediscovered a renewable source of power. People power!

Now the rich can heat their pools, air-condition their mansions and jet around the world attending conferences on global warming and poverty. They can travel to exotic destinations to participate in enviro-tourism or demonstrate against the World Trade Organization no matter where it meets, all without a trace of guilt. They can do all this as Al Gore does by purchasing carbon offsets. Numerous organizations such as “Climate Care “ have begun accepting contributions to initiate projects in developing countries in which carbon dioxide production is supposed to be reduced by giving the natives alternative means of doing work, such as using foot operated pumps to run their irrigation devices instead of diesel engines. To cancel out the CO2 of a return flight to India from Great Britain on a per person basis it would take one poor villager three years of pumping water by foot. So, is carbon offsetting the best way to ease your conscience? This kind of scheme is a step backward. What do environmentalists have in mind next? What about doing away with those polluting motorized taxicabs and go back to rickshaws powered by coolies?

The use of draft animals would obviate the moral objections to people as a source of mechanical energy. This puts us back to the nineteenth century. It is a myth that draft animals as a type of renewable energy is environmentally friendly. Evidence for this comes from data that the cattle industry worldwide is a major source of global warming gasses. It is estimated that 18% of these gasses are produced by cows. Since horses and elephants have the same type of digestive tracts, they would add to the problem. One reference I have says that as late as 1910 the United States used 27% of its farm land to grow food for horses. To this day most of the world runs off of fats and carbohydrates, in the form of human and animal power. Incidentally, data such as this has been used by vegans as an additional reason to quit eating meat, and it seems valid to at least cut down on meat consumption to reduce greenhouse gasses. We could have a meat tax in addition to a carbon tax.

To develop their nation’s poor countries should be encouraged to use more carbon based power, go to school and start businesses, not pump water. We Americans are the ones who should offset carbon by the use of peddle power. Think of the health benefits. For example a peddle powered generator is available which is capable of powering a seventy five watt bulb. (link).It could also power a small television set or an X-Box. According to some newspapers parents are now being driven crazy by criticism from their environmentally fanatical children who are being loaded up with propaganda in school about saving the planet by saving energy. (link) Meanwhile an epidemic of childhood obesity is sweeping the nation. Now parents can get sweet revenge and take a little lard off of Junior. Think of the expression on your smarty pants kid’s face when you unveil his new bicycle powered television set and X-Box and wheel the old stuff out to the recycling dump.

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that happens to me too -

that happens to me too - disable rich text edit and you can fix it.


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