Drive Like Jehu

I don't know why, as a twenty-something free market oriented straight guy from flyover, I find my way to blogs like Jezebel. High fashion and celebrity gossip doesn't generate much interest for me. The editors are very funny, but I can't go along with their boycott of the phrase "making love" out of respect for a pair of great Kyuss tunes. That only makes sense though. A bunch of stoners playing guitar through bass amps at generator parties out in the desert of the Coachella Valley is as far from New York City-based Gawker media outfit as things can get.

The appeal of the site, best I can describe it, is what-if-the-people-at-Pandagon-weren't-batshit-insane-and-had-a-sense-of-humor? I think that's akin to the scene in UHF in which Weird Al describes running a television station as identical to working at a fish market, save for having to clean and gut fish all day. What draws me back to the site is the weird tension that arises when class warriors devote large amounts of coverage to tabloid celebrities. Gawker is right, as their trainwreck of choice can, from time to time, produce mine.

I don't want to leave a negative impression of the site. The women of Jezebel do good work, are open minded, if I remember correctly managing edtior Anna Homes is a Cardinals fan*, and I found Jezebel's discussion of gray rape as interesting as Brian Macker's. It's the kind of place I'd like to comment at save for the vast majority of the blog's readership having little interest in my point of view (which is fine). Instead, I think I'll go reinforce the patriarchy.

In a completely unrelated note, the Rockies won their franchise record tenth straight game behind starter Josh Fogg last night but failed to gain any ground as both the Phillies and Padres notched victories as well. This is pulling at my heartstrings. Keep fighting Big Purple!

* I know, I know. If Jack Clark was healthy things probably would have turned out differently.

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