About My Personal Blog

With this whole new Distributed Republic thing being a combination of blogs, I need to decide how to place the various bits I blog about. I have often used Catallarchy as a sounding board to get crazy ideas out, and I will still do so. However, there are crazy ideas which I think deserve a more limited audience - or that I'm not sure on how or if to proceed. For that my personal blog will suffice. As always, if I post it I want feedback, but understand I am even less sure of what I post to the personal blog than I am to the main Catallarchy page, if that is possible. Also I will update the posts as I see fit and may or may not indicate any edits. Lastly I may not respond directly to comments, though you can be sure that I want them. As I said "If I post it I want feedback!". So thanks in advance for the feedback.

I guess then that my personal blog could be considered to be home for my "working blogposts".

One of the projects that I will keep to my personal blog for now is a "How to convince the religious to give up religion" project. There are a number of sub-projects to this, one being how (not) to argue for atheism. Another is my own travels from Christian by default to agnostic back to Christian by default, to Christian by choice, to agnostic and thence atheist. And lastly some history and pre-history of the Levant and Mesopotamia and the rise of Abrahamic theology.

Other projects to come.


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