Greenpeace stunt backfires

Consumer advocates manage to benefit some consumers.


Recently, it was reported that the Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry was going to seek cabinet approval for a lifting of the ban on open-field trials of transgenic crops. Greenpeace was not amused and reacted by dumping tons of papayas at the entrance to the ministry.


[A]fter the dumping, people flocked to load up on the free papayas, ignoring the environmental organisation's campaign against the dangers of GM fruit


"I'm not scared of GM papayas. Rather, I'm scared I won't have any to eat," said Ubon Ratchathani villager Ampon Tantima, 31, before rushing back to his car with the free fruit.

(original Bangkok Post article offline, but it was indexed by Google News so it's real)

I'm not sure the papayas were really GM (seems very possible they were regular papayas and the reporter or the blogger jumped to conclusions). However, Tantima's statement renders that question moot.

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