Political trends among the tech crowd

Slashdot currently has a poll on political affiliation. Most people are either liberal or libertarian. Anarchists (which in the current context probably implies leftist) communists and socialists outnumber conservatives and moderates.

There's a somewhat famous article from 1992 I came across in the past highlithing a few reasons why programmers can make good consequentialist libertarians, it's very worth reading.

This coin has two sides though. I think the left part (except the anarchists whom I suspect to be merely being anti-conformist) are mostly people who believe in central planning, it may be the dark side of a computer science mentality, people can be organized as data and with the right "program" society can be organized. They are the typical positive constructivists described by Hayek in "The counter revolution of science".

Some interesting posts in the discussion following the poll, healthcare seems to be a huge issue.

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