Lovely Legal Loopholes

As someone who likes recreational drugs, yet is concerned about legal safety, I have done a fair amount of looking for legal loopholes which let me obtain enjoyable chemicals with minimal risk.

For example, did you know that while the refined products of papaver somniferum, such as heroin and morphine, are scheduled, the dried pods themselves are perfectly legal to obtain for the purpose of making floral arrangements? As long as you use them for decorative purposes, and refrain from grinding the pods in your coffee grinder, then putting them into your espresso machine, and drinking the mildly narcotic tea which results, you are acting within the law. (Here is Erowid's take).

My floral arrangements have certainly benefited aesthetically from the pods produced by Poppies International, an expensive but reliable source of decorative materials.

Another useful fact is that the San Pedro Cactus, a relative of the illegal Peyote Cactus, contains significant amounts of mescaline, yet is legal to purchase, grow, and own. At least, as long as you don't follow any of the instruction guides on the net about how to use San Pedro to open the Doors of Perception.

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Last I checked, Salvia was

Last I checked, Salvia was still legal in many States. It's a psychedelic drug with effects similar to those of LSD but with a much shorter duration and above all apparently no flashbacks. Never tried it though, strongest thing I ever had is probably caffeine.

Magic mushroom spores don't contain the drug itself so I think they are legal and openly sold, you just can't grow them.

I tried salvia and didn't

I tried salvia and didn't like it. I would certainly not describe its effects as being similar to LSD.

Mushroom spores are illegal in most states nowadays, I believe.

Not according to wikipedia:

Not according to wikipedia:

In the United States, possession of psilocybin-containing mushrooms is illegal because they contain the Schedule I drugs psilocin and psilocybin. Spores, however, which do not contain psychoactive chemicals, are only explicitly illegal in California, Idaho, Ohio, and Georgia; however, in California, mushroom spores are legal to possess if they are not intended for use in cultivation and if they are not imported from outside California. The Florida Supreme Court in 1978 ruled that possession of wild psilocybin mushrooms is not illegal; however, whether knowingly gathering wild psilocybin mushrooms for later use is illegal or not was not addressed in the decision.

In all states, except New Mexico, growing psilocybin-containing mushrooms from spores is considered manufacture of a controlled substance. In New Mexico, on June 15, 2005, the New Mexico appeals court ruled that growing psilocybin mushrooms for personal use is not manufacture of a controlled substance.


I've read claims that this sort of thing (e.g. decorative P. somniferum) is legal, as well as claims that it's illegal. I recall finding the claims that it's illegal more believable, but it's been a while so I'll have to look into it again before commenting further. Also, of course, the law varies by jurisdiction.

There's also a big difference between the theory and the practice. Some illegal activities are never actually prosecuted, and some laws (esp. regarding drugs) are so ambiguous or flexible that pretty much anything can be found to violate them, even if the activity in question is purportedly legal.

The fact that my kilo of San

The fact that my kilo of San Pedro powder was completely legal didn't stop the cops from keeping me in jail for a weekend on a charge of "breach of peace" (whatever that means). Apparently it takes a day and a half to process someone and to wait for the bail official to drop by. They also set my bail at a ridiculously high amount. I guess that's what you get for knowing your rights on searches and substances.

But you did get out, without

But you did get out, without the case even going to court.

Heroin for our Dear Deers

Having been fed up by the deer eating my garden one year I decided to order a eclectic batch of poisonous plants to plant in the garden.   The idea to see which would remain untouched.   As a kid I used to read every garden catalog and book I could get my hand on.  Carefully reading the description of each plant and memorizing them as best I could.   So I was able to quickly come up with a list.  

I had grown Papaver Orientale (oriental poppy), papaver bracteatum, and Digitalis Purpurea in the past with success but I like to try new things all the time so I ordered Somneferia "Hens and Chicks", along with a slew of other poisonous plants like Digitalis lantana, Rheum palmatum, Datura, Aconitum, Corydalis, etc.   It was quite a long list.  Well instead of getting my order I got a letter telling me that they were not going to fill any items on the order because they were out of stock on all of them.  Yeah, right.  

I think this put me on someone's list somewhere.  Then again I'm paranoid so maybe they were out of all the items.

As you can see from the hens and chicks link above the opium poppy is being sold all over the place.  Hard to believe it's illegal to grow. Sellers claim it is legal to grow for ornamental purposes.  Not sure if poisoning deer falls under that category.

BTW, deer can eat Mountain Laurel even though it's poisonous.

Historical workarounds for Prohibition

I just read the following passage last night in Akhil Reed Amar's _America's Constitution: A Biography_, p. 417:

Data suggested that rates of illegal drinking were rising, not
falling, as time went on. Rich and powerful groups managed to
get around the law, as did clever entrepreneurs. One type of
grape juice, for instance, was sold with a "warning" label
stating that U.S. Department of Agriculture tests indicated
that if the juice were allowed to age for sixty days, it would
ripen into wine with an alcoholic content of 12 percent.[31]

31. See David E. Kyvig, _Repealing National Prohibition_ (2d
ed. 2000), 21.

wikipedia is not a reliable

wikipedia is not a reliable source. anybody could have written that. check the sources next time.

Well you got some

Well you got some interesting findings... yet these drugs are illegal for a reason, they are illegal because they can affect us and people near us, so let's start think about that too.
Buttler, Drug treatment program in San Jose counselor

You'd be wrong.

Sorry buttler, but you'd be wrong. Alcohol and cigarettes are much much much worse than substances like Cannabis, Psilocybin Mushrooms, DMT, LSD, and MDMA (to name a few which are relatively harmless), but alcohol and cigarettes remain legal. It has NOTHING to do with your health. If the government really cared about our health, they would ban all these engineered foods that are destroying our bodies. It's a political/economic thing, which truly disgusts me. In the United States these things should be legal. A crime without a victim is unjust. This is the land of liberty (or it's supposed to be). We should have the liberty to put whatever the hell we want to in our bodies. If you think for one minute that the government cares about it's people, you are highly mistaken. The more liberties taken away, the easier it is to control a population. Illegal status doesn't stop people from doing it. There's too much dis-information our there. You have to dig for the truth. Never take anything at face value. That means don't even believe me. Look it up yourself. Keep in mind where the information is coming from, it's sources, who's behind it, what their agenda is, etc. People have to stop being sheep and do their own research.

peace. love. unity. respect.


KINGLOU-- i have to disagree

KINGLOU-- i have to disagree with you about MDMA- it is a chemical not healthy or medically beneficial to consume. i do however agree with everything else you posted. i wish the American people would see that our government is more concerned with financial gain than the health or welfare of the people.
Hemp (marijuana plant) is illegal because these pharmaceutical companies cannot patent something that is completely natural, and therefor they cannot make a profit. and if anyone/everyone could produce their own medicine than alot of these companies would be out of business. Its time we open our eyes and stop letting the government and televisions control our beliefs and lives. what would happen to the millions of people on pharmaceutical medications if all these companies burnt to the ground? i had three back surgeries last year and was tossed around from Dr. to Dr. and alot of them over prescribed medications, while others would tell me that i wasn't in any pain at all. I do not understand how they can "know" if someone is in pain or not? I now have metal rods and screws in my spine. Al tho the surgeries and therapy did help, i still have pain in my back and leg. I have given up asking doctors for help. I would feel alot safer producing my own medication and knowing that it is 100% natural, than to depend on someone who obviously dose not have my best interest at heart telling me when I am in pain..

put toothpaste on a banana

put toothpaste on a banana peel and let it sit for a week then eat it and you will trip out

Here’s a loophole blessed by the Supreme Ct.

In Gonzales v. O Centro Espirita Beneficiente Uniao Do Vegetal, 546 U.S. 418 (2006), the US Supreme Ct. held that the drug enforcement agency had failed to bear its burden (created by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993) to show a compelling state need to control the use of a Schedule 1 controlled substance for use in a religious ceremony. Consequently the court authorized the church to use the substance.

So get thee to a nunnery or something….


Wow, what people do these days just to feel a little different. It amazes me.

Pretty clever!

I think that it's pretty clever of you to use the law as an excuse for using recreational drugs. I don't think that I would ever consider drugs because I have no plans in using them for personal satisfaction. Although I do think that drugs can be useful in other legal ways of using them instead of abusing them so why not use drugs the right way that isn't harmful?