Speculation, but you know I'm right

Via Clara, an article at the new New York Times about the conspicuous consumption of pools.  The article includes this gem:

“We didn’t want the typical tropical lagoon that everyone else has in
the backyard,” Mrs. Chamitoff explained. “I think it was important to
Ken that Sophia could talk about having a dolphin pool with her friends
at school.”

A common criticism of actual free-marketism (by way of its parody in actual practice) is that 'capitalism' forces the great mass of people to unwittingly stooge for an elite handful, who have completely frivolous concerns like this.

This is the part where I have to resort to conjecture, but hear me out: I bet a million dollars--that I don't have--that these people don't vote Libertarian, i.e. for free-market candidates.

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Well I talked them into

Well I talked them into voting libertarian at the next election for a mere $50,000 that you now owe them. As for the $950,000 you owe me, we can discuss a payment plan.

Rock formation?

I kept waiting for the article to elaborate on the underwater sound systems, but it never did...