My soul is on the ground when I'm walking down the street

There's a great post up at Rough Ol' Boy about his experience at the Bureaucrash table at the Warped Tour in St. Louis.  Warped Tour, if you don't know, is a huge festival featuring a lot of the better known good punk and punk-related bands, and a shit ton of awful punk-related bands.  That sounds negative: overall, I'd love the chance to go (which I missed twice this year).  Anyway, one would expect this crowd to be largely lefty whenever its members had political preferences at all.  Not entirely so, says R.O.B.  He concludes:

Finally, I need to add that young people really do know about Ron
Paul.  As a representative of Bureaucrash, a non-partisan group, I
couldn’t endorse Ron Paul with the imprimatur of the organization, so I
didn’t say anything about him unless someone asked who I personally
supported.  People usually knew who he was if his name was mentioned,
but even more than that, I was pleasantly surprised to see how many
times people brought him up themselves and said they supported him.  It
just goes to show, there’s support for Ron Paul all over the place.

This has pleased me a lot about the Ron Paul campaign: it looks a lot like the Goldwater campaign.  A lot of young people are only now becoming politically aware, and it's because they haven't heard a message like Ron Paul's before.  And they like it.

Go read the whole thing here

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