Wet to dry

Athens, Alabama may be bringing back prohibition

Voters have a chance on Tuesday to return this northern Alabama city to the days of Prohibition.

A measure to end the sale of alcohol in Athens is up for a citywide vote, a rare instance where voters could overturn a previous vote to allow sales. Business interests are against repeal, but church leaders who helped organize the petition drive that got the measure on the ballot are asking members to pray and fast in support of a ban.


Gooch isn't worried about the city losing businesses or tax revenues if alcohol sales are banned. Normal economic growth and God will make up any difference if residents dump the bottle, he said.

"We believe that God will honor and bless our city," Gooch said.

While I think the law would be a huge step backwards for the city, at least it's limited to a small locality. Let them suffer the consequences and reap the rewards.

The fact that wine and liquor can't be sold in grocery stores in New York or that alcohol sales were prohibited on Sundays in Massachusetts is different from what the Athens, Alabama government is proposing only by a matter of degree.

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