Still the most sensitive issue in America

Via the ever-awesome Radley Balko, this story in the Washington Post about how two former XM radio talk show hosts allege that they were fired for questioning something called "Memorandum 46".  The item in question is supposed to be a memo issued by Zbigniew Brzezinski, "outlin[ing] a sinister 1970s government strategy to undermine black leadership in the United States and sow discord with Africans abroad".

As the article points out, Brzezinski's name is misspelled, a curious mistake if he wrote it.  A quick read of it makes it look rather like a forgery, and the evidence on the first pass looks pretty convincing that this memo is not genuine.

The WP article is worth a read if you have a few minutes.  One thing I never understood about the conspiracy-theorizing by certain elements claiming to speak for "the black community" was why anybody would spend time developing these ideas when the things the US government has done right out in the open were blatant enough to merit attention before anything else.  Drug Prohibition, targeted military recruiting, petty licensing, etc.?  These aren't bad enough?  Let's try getting rid of these and see how much destruction is left to find reasons for.

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"targeted military recruitment"

I don't think the stats back up the assumption: