We've recently made some changes here at The Distributed Republic. Briefly:

  1. The Recent Comments box in the right sidebar now has a "more" link at the bottom. Click it for a more complete list of recent comments.
  2. We fixed a bug that was causing some comments not to show up in the Recent Comments box.
  3. We've broken the Recent Posts box in the left sidebar into two separate blocks: one for Catallarchy, and one for Community posts.
  4. You can now mark a Blog Entry as Public or Personal. Public posts will show up in the Community view, while Personal posts will only show up on your personal blog.
  5. We now have the ability to steal promote your posts to the front page.

Give the new features a try, and let us know how you like them.

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Sidebar colors


Is it possible to change the highlighted yellow text on dark green from the invisible light black on dark green that it would be if I could see it?


Thanks, Don



You probably know this already

But the RSS feeds for the journals and the 'Verse show up without a title (at least in Google Reader).

Also in "Sage"

I use the Firefox plug-in Sage and have the same problem with titles of these feeds. Sometimes I set it in the properties, but it is erased at the next feed scan.

I think it is related to there being a blank "title" tag in the RSS. My main page feed has a label of "The Distributed Republic -" and points to, where there is a "title" tag.