Insert drug reference into the name 'Barack Obama' in a clever way here

It's very interesting that Barack Obama is considered a serious contender in next year's presidential election, being black and all. American voters were halfway ready for a black president, he just couldn't be someone scary like Snoop Dogg. It's also interesting, to me anyway, that Obama has already admitted to using drugs, and that people now can't jump him with that issue.

I'm glad that he's frank about it. That kind of candor is just what we need...

...except, damn it, he just had to qualify it. According to his WikiPedia page,

The book describes his struggles as a young adult to reconcile social perceptions of his multiracial heritage. He used alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine during his teenage years, Obama writes, to "push questions of who I was out of my mind."

This sounds just like an older, lamer man's attempt to rationalize what at the time was just plain fun. Millions upon millions of people at one time or another tried drugs and then used them a second time (or more) because they liked what happened.

Maybe he was just self-medicating, but most people use drugs because they like using drugs. Is that so hard to acknowledge?

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Barack Obama - Copacabana!