The winner of the double-take contest

I was checking the updates from Shorpy just now when I saw this cartoon:

Yeah, I know the United States were at war, and the design actually looks pretty good (however racially offensive), but what the hell?

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Sorry I may sound obvious

Sorry I may sound obvious but how were careless matches helping the axis?

Arthur - I believe the

Arthur -

I believe the implication is that "careless matches" could inadvertently start fires if disposed of improperly. During a time of war, naturally, starting fires in your own country will probably waste resources that could have been used towards other ends.

Hence, use a "fag bag" (whatever those are) to discard the cigarette fags. And yes, "fag" is another name for cigarette, obviously not quite as popular anymore.

I think it's very rude

to say "fag bag", I prefer to say: a handbag designed for male customers.


it's also rude to assume they will be careless when they hook up in the park.