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We're all excited lately about Ron Paul, and with good reason.  In interviews and debates he's been spouting libertarianism like it hasn't been spouted publicly for a long time.  But interviews and articles aren't the only place Ron Paul Mania exists; many people I know are asking me about him.

This is a strange phenomenon.  Usually for the last several years it's been me who's discussing the libertarian angle in political conversations.  Some apolitical friends I hadn't talked to in a while told me the other day there was something they were getting pretty excited about: Ron Paul.  Really? says I.  Really.

Apparently, at least for a small portion of people, Ron Paul is awakening a "constitutionalism" they didn't know they had.  Plenty of people oppose the war, but aren't too keen on Hillaryism either.  As strategic as I try to be about introducing them to libertarian thought, some just weren't going to take it from a regular schmuck like me.  But now they see Rudy's and Hillary's horns sticking out through their hair and Ron Paul there to point out what seem like perfectly good ideas.

We radicals ought not oppose libertarians in politics too much, because for some people that's the only way they are receptive to our ideas.  For instance, this couple I know has heard me hammering away on polycentric constitutional order for a while (not all the time, I should add, but sometimes) to little effect.  But a little Ron Paul exposure and they're on CafePress ordering a RP maternity shirt for the lady and a RP onesy for the forthcoming little one.

That kid won't grow up cheering SWAT teams.  Thanks Ron.

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The l-word

KipEsquire, A Stitch in Haste Can you cite to one occasion in this campaign where Ron Paul has, unsolicited and not in response to an interviewer's question, used the word "libertarian"? Can you point to one page at his website that contain the word "libertarian"? Even his bio page omits his 1992 big-L Libertarian candidacy. Paul calling himself "a proud constitutionalist"* is like a gay calling himself "a proud alternative-lifestyler." --- *And he's not even that. "Constitutionalists" don't believe that theocracy and anti-gay bigotry are perfectly hunky-dory so long as they occur at the state level. "Constitutionalists" do not complain about "rogue judges." And so on...

If he gets people to stop

If he gets people to stop believing in war and taxes, he can call it whatever he likes and get an OK from me.

I think the only thing that

I think the only thing that is radical is the idea that the constitution is no longer valid. It is the law from the people to the government, not the law the people have to obey, but the law the government must obey, and it is what they take an oath to protect when they don't.

And it's bout time people spoke up and reminded those elected officials of this fact.

"Plenty of people oppose the war, but aren't keen on Hillary"

And no matter how much time and effort they put into it they'll probably get both.

They'll almost certainly get the same political result they would if they put zero time and effort into it.

That kid won't grow up cheering SWAT teams.

Because kids never reject their parents politics?