Whoa. Good Myth.

Though my throwaway at the end of the Barnett post had been merely to list 3 things significant about the episode itself, C. J. Trillian earned all 10 points and a place in the culture post hall of fame by coming up with 3 reasons why Barnett's essay was related to the episode in question. It's a must read for any Whedon fan.

My answers, not nearly as interesting as C. J.'s, were:

  1. Musical episode
  2. Spike and Buffy hook up for the first time
  3. The musical truth serum causes Buffy to reveal that she was in heaven and Willow and friends brought her back to hell.

As far as The 'Verse, I've long wanted to have a badass culture blog, but never really had the time to make it work. As soon as we figure out how to use this damn software, we'll resurrect The 'Verse, and C. J. can have his way with it.

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