Speedy Sarko's loser critics

It seems that Nicolas Sarkozy's critics have really been running out of substantive criticisms: now he's being blasted for jogging. Nevermind that the founders of Western Civilization would have considered it a gross defect if a man with many responsibilities neglected physical training. Nevermind that its health benefits are broad. Nevermind that the French haven't had a king in a long time, and that nobody ought to be lifting a president's fork for him.

Nevermind that being president of a country opens a person up for a lot more criticisms that actually matter, either.

This is why the French Left lost. They're more worried about the indignity of the president showing his knees than about the massive set of serious problems he deals with--with whatever amount of wisdom--after the run.

Via Arts & Letters Daily

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If one day Sarkozy crosses

If one day Sarkozy crosses the Seine in Paris, walking on water, Liberation's headline would probably read:

"He can't even swim!"

(shameless copy from melodius)