Why the Transformers movie will suck

Three words:  Michael Fucking Bay

I've seen the previews and they don't look promising.  Full review after Wednesday.

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Three Words

It was great.

I'm downright optimistic

I mean, yeah, it's going to suck, but compared to I Am Legend, I think it's going to be fantastic. What does I Am Legend have?

1) The writer of such films as I, Robot and Batman & Robin.

2) The star of said I, Robot and Bad Boys II.

3) The director of a handful of music videos and Constantine.


The initial trailer looks like War Of The Worlds. Maybe in another 20 years we'll get a real I Am Legend.

this movie was obviously a

this movie was obviously a calculated move by him and his management/promoters to try to cleanse him of his "Team America' stigma.
Unfortunately for him,fortunately for us, it'll never work. once people realize what a dunce/nepo-beneficiary someone is, its almost over.
now move on to your career as the head of 'scum'-gramming for some network...uggggg....its too bad i have to see his ugly name when i watch the movie...