More virus breakout

On the minus side, the home grown terror contingent of Britain is continuing to manifest, this time in Scotland.

On the plus side, the virus strain in Britain seems to be a particularly incompetent one, at least compared to the lethal strain in Iraq. Driving a flaming SUV into a wall? And then getting out and setting one's self on fire? Sounds about as terrifying as the Crack Suicide Squad.

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Par for the course

Right up there with "destroy bridges with a welding torch," "build a bomb by boiling a mix of flour and drug-store peroxide," and "pretend to be pizza delivery people in order to shoot up a military base." The vast majority of would-be terrorists are complete imbeciles when it comes to the actual terrorizing business.

Of course, with governments willing (nay, eager) to wet themselves and run in circles at the merest sight of a malevolent moron, it is possible that these terrorists are merely pursuing a sort of Ricardian comparative advantage. Governments and pundits have the comparative advantage at actually terrifying and terrorizing civilians, these Osama bin Losers have the comparative advantage at giving governments and pundits the excuse to do so; cooperation to mutual advantage emerges as spontaneous order. A competent and effective terrorist would be beside the point, a wasteful misallocation of resources.