I want a new question.

We've secretly replaced honest journalism with new intellectually-questionable tripe. Let's see if anyone notices:

Tom Fahey of the New Hampshire Union Leader asks, "Sea levels around the world are rising. Average temperatures are increasing. Scientists from thirteen countries around the world have said that climate change is very likely man-made and may affect us for centuries to come. Is science wrong on global warming, and what (if any) steps would you take as President to address the issue?"

Did you see it? This question was asked in the GOP presidential primary debates in early June. Now I personally may not believe that global warming is quite the problem Mr. Fahey does, but I will at least concede that it is an issue of concern to voters. In that regard, his question is valid. Ten points for you if you can spot the egregiousness.

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from "scientists" to "science"

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