Good karma in Alabama

There is some justice in the world:


A federal judge increased the possible sentence for former Gov. Don Siegelman from more than 10 years to more than 15 years ...

Fuller is to formally sentence Siegelman, 61, and former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy, 54, convicted last year on bribery, mail fraud and related charges in a government corruption case.

The new sentencing range for Siegelman is 188 months to 235 months, or
about 15 1/2 to 19 1/2 years. The new fine range is $20,000 to $200,000.

Alabama has rates of incarceration that would stun a civilized person, and while they're not trying Siegelman for being at the head of this system, he's getting his due anyway.

Attorney Susan James told Fuller she is concerned about Siegelman's
safety if he is given a lengthy sentence, pointing out that as a former
Alabama attorney general and governor he has a history of pushing for
tough anti-crime legislation and for fighting against parole for some
prisoners. She said that at his age a 10-year sentence would deprive
Siegelman of much of the rest of his life.

How many victimless "criminals" does the average tough-on-crime attorney general and governor deprive of that kind of time? Ten or fifteen years starts to look like chump change.

But at least it's a start.

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