Warning: An Egg is Not a Complete Breakfast

What would the British public do without the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre? The wise men of the BACC screen and censor harmful ads, at no small risk to their own welfare.  If not for these brave bureaucrats, millions of ignorant consumers would suffer from exposure to the poisonous stuff -- like, for example, a TV spot telling viewers to "go to work on an egg" each day.

A BACC spokesman said the issue was not whether a daily egg with your breakfast would be harmful; only that it should be served with fruit juice or toast.

"We are not questioning the effect it would have on your health," Kristoffer Hammer told GMTV this morning. "Our role is to ensure that advertising that goes on television is in compliance with the [Communications] act. It's quite clear from the act that they should be presented as part of a balanced diet."

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Fruit Juice and Toast should

Fruit Juice and Toast should only be presented as "part of a complete diabetic coma". You'd be much better off just eating the egg.