The transformation of Gaza

The Hamas takeover of Gaza has been a pretty grave developing situation as I understand, but now some Arab states are starting to try to sort it out.

Egypt faces the prospect of a tiny new militant Islamic state on its border, which it sees as a threat to its own security. If Hamas succeeds in maintaining rule in the Gaza Strip, it could embolden Egypt's own Islamic opposition, the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.

Even worse, further unrest among Gaza's 1.4 million people could spill into Egypt. The border with Gaza is riddled with tunnels used to smuggle weapons and explosives — and Egypt's Sinai Peninsula has already seen three terror attacks on tourist resorts the past three years.

Jordanian leaders worry that the Fatah-Hamas conflict could spread to the West Bank and spark violence in neighboring Jordan, where half the people are Palestinians.

Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia also fear Gaza could become a power center for their regional rival, Iran, which has funneled millions of dollars to Hamas.

What's historic about this occasion is that 'the Zionists' aren't blamed so directly for the violence this time.

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