Leopard looks like ... Tiger

This has already been amply trashed on tech blogs, but it's amusing enough to carry over here: a review of Leopard, Apple's next operating system.

If you're not a Mac user it may not be so funny, but basically the reviewer says that Leopard apes a bunch of features of Windows Vista, when in fact these features were in previous releases of the Mac OS and were swiped by Microsoft. Apple is just continuing on the path they first got on years ago.

This must be how academic libertarian philosphers felt when Ayn Rand said they stole all their ideas from her.

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Let me add my own first

Let me add my own first comment to say: yes, Linux had some of these even earlier. I just don't think Microsoft worries about what features are in Linux until they're in Mac OS X also.

One copycat thing

I visited Apple's website yesterday and did find one copycat thing. I'm assuming that "Spaces" is new because it's prominently featured in the amazing-new-features-of-Leopard page, and when I watched the movie I saw no hint that this is merely enhanced functionality of an old feature. Linux boxes have had this for a long time. I don't know what they call it. Essentially it lets you maintain multiple desktops.

The name for that feature

The name for that feature would be "virtual desktops".

that is most likely the best

that is most likely the best ayn rand anology i've ever heard.