Cockburn against dogma

Alexander Cockburn has an excellent piece on CounterPunch (with a shorter version in the print copy of The Nation) debunking global warming alarmism. Being that Cockburn is radically left, his voice is extra refreshing and is sure to inflame the passions of his more moderate colleagues.

Though they're kind of dry, Cockburn summarizes a great many scientific challenges to the idea of anthropogenic global warming. It's a shame that many of them are probably what was cut out for the shorter version. (For that matter, it's also a shame that more people read The Nation than CounterPunch.) In any event, they will be handy to keep in your intellectual toolbox as you filter all the information about global warming you're sure to be hearing for years.

Link via Mark Brady at Liberty & Power

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He doesn't really debunk

He doesn't really debunk much of anything. That would require a mastery of the relevant theory and facts which he simply doesn't have.

Don't fill your intellectual toolbox with poor tools

John Lynch at Scienceblogs points out that Cockburn's cited papers by Martin Hertzberg that are "devastating" to global warming are a thirteen-year-old poster presentation and an informal presentation at a Cafe Scientifique in Frisco, CO. And Cockburn also cites lunatic Lyndon LaRouche's 21st Century Science and Technology magazine.