Still more criminal Drug War nonsense

Even though it's Saturday and I wanted to relax, I got steamed when I saw a Washington Post article about the U.S. government having an arms dealer arrested in Spain for almost selling weapons for Colombia. That's right, the U.S. government got this guy arrested in a country that's not in its jurisdiction for trying to sell weapons to people from another country that's not in its jurisdiction.

The reason, of course, is the pointless and criminal "drug war" that the U.S. government has been waging inside Colombian territory. For years its heavy boot has been stamping on legitimate agriculture inside another country in the name of Prohibition. Because of the strategic and public relations difficulties involved with military deployment to Colombia this is largely done by private contractors, but the government calls the shots. These contractors are the ones doing the aerial spraying and getting shot at from the ground, and helping people to resist these invaders is what gets you arrested for "attack[ing] United States interests in Colombia."

There's more:

Since the early 1970s, Monzer al-Kassar has "supported terrorists and insurgents by providing them with high-powered weapons that have fueled the most violent conflicts of the last three decades," Michael J. Garcia, U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, said in a statement released yesterday.

Which of course is totally different from what the U.S. government has been doing. When the U.S. government provides weapons, money, or training in torture and murder, it's in the name of peace, stability, and justice. It's the other side whose attitudes and motivations are totally alien to us civilized folk that's interested in nothing but bloodshed. Right?

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