Fat and Status

In response to this comment and the one immediately following it, regarding women being judged more harshly than men for being fat, I offer the following conjecture:

Both men and women are judged, even by members of their own sex, on the basis of their attractiveness to members of the opposite sex. The reason that women are judged more harshly for being fat than men are is that men find fat more unattractive than women do. Conversely, and for the same reason, men are judged more harshly for being underweight or for having lackluster social skills.

Such refutations as may exist are left as an exercise for the reader.

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Of course. For example,

Of course. For example, women get judged more harshly for being fat, but they sure get off easy when it comes to how much money they make.

Society Changes

It wasn't that long ago that full figured women were found more attractive then skinny women. Society judges off the current norms. And just because you have a little pudge on you doesn't make you any less attractive. There are/were plenty of women out there today that have a little cushion for the pushing yet are still looked at as sex symbols. I mean take playboy for instance. None of the women you ever see in playboy are stick thin. It's only in runway models and actresses that we see this. Yet how successful is playboy still?
I agree that women are judged more harshly, but more often then not it's the women doing the judging, or very pompus a--hole men. Most average joes out there check out every woman that walks by, regardless of stature...