A Hero Is Free

Jack Kevorkian has been released from prison. He will be interviewed this Sunday on 60 Minutes.

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I'm not so sure

I used to think Kevorkian, but then I read an article -- by Thomas Szasz, I think -- that made me think again. There were two main points:

1. Kevorkian killed his patients in a van down by the side of the river, in some cases with very little documentation that that's what the patients really wanted. He went downhill in this respect; early on he had witnesses and video testimonies, but eventually his methods got more and more questionable. In this sense, Kevorkian exemplifies what is wrong with the current ban on assisted suicide (and thus constitutes an argument in favor of legalization), but he is not an admirable fellow.

2. Kevorkian's policy position does not really side with patient choice and autonomy. He wants to create a new field of medicine, euthanasia medicine, and prohibit outsiders from practicing it. He supports the general ban on unassisted suicide, as well as suicide assisted by anyone other than a physician licensed in that field.

I meant to say...

I used to think Kevorkian *was a hero*, but then I read an article...