H-1B what?

While the governments in some countries fear immigration, Singapore's is taking the high road and encouraging it. According to the excellent Vagablogging, they're hoping to increase the population from 4.5 million to 6.5 million. They're starting a program whereby people can stay in Singapore and work for six months, hoping that in the long run this will land many more people in Singapore long-term.

True, they're not encouraging just anyone's tired, poor, yearning to breathe free, etc.

<blockquote>[The program] is open to undergraduates and graduates between the ages of 17
and 30 from universities in eight economies -- Australia, France,
Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United

Hey, it's a start. They might or might not have the typical worries about unskilled immigrants, but at least they aren't worried that educated foreigners might take all the good jobs.


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I am a citizen of

I am a citizen of singapore.

of course, we want the educated citizens to come in. it would boast our economy and somemore we don't have to foot their educational bills. it is a benefit for us. since high-end jobs are so many that there is a labour shortage, we are not exactly worried about the influx. maybe if our economy undergoes a depression, there may be protests. but since we haven't had one in years, not a issue yet.

as for the unskilled workers, not interested in them. they are here for short-term stays strictly to take up unwanted jobs like street cleaners and crap like that. we don't want any of their kind to stay in our home country. they come, work, get paid and after that get lost. not sure why you would encourage influx of unskilled workers.

As long as the unskilled

As long as the unskilled worker is not living on the street, only the opinion of two people matter : his employer, and his landlord. If the first agrees to hire him and the second to host him, then the unskilled worker's presence is none of your business.

As you said, they take unwanted job, which is a good thing. Streets are cleaner for cheaper.

Of course, there is no reason to encourage influx of unskilled or skilled worker, nor to discourage it, just let those who want come and go, with the agreement of landowners.

a certain level of control

a certain level of control needs to be there in order to ensure that he is actually working. if not, then apply for a social pass for tourism
but if work pass, then it is expected that you work. otherwise where your income coming from? maybe criminal work or illegal work. since they come here solely for the point of earning income, if they are not employed legally, then they are employed illegally.

in anycase, i was referring more about high level workers becoming citizens and not welcoming low level workers as citizens.