Inequality of Income, Rhetorical Question

Why do discussions of the inequality of income never seem to get around to government workers, university professors, public pensions, public and private union members and officials?

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Care to elaborate? Get

Care to elaborate? Get around to these topics in what way?

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you know why don, they're

you know why don, they're the over-paid slobs that are throwing out that curve ball to distract people from thier illegal monopolys. here in Kanadastan we have a whole news network dedicated to curveball and softball questions to deflect the real questions about their useless asses. EVERY government union should be collapsed tommorow, and all of them forced out as solo contractors. 80% of them couldn't last 5 femtoseconds in a non-rigged labour market.

Actually, I believe many

Actually, I believe many critics of inequality of income (e.g. Dean Baker) do mention upper-middle-class income. Baker specifically addresses the role of professional licensing cartels in making services less affordable to working class people and inflating professional incomes.

But the greater attention paid to income inequality over the past twenty years is mainly a response to the exploding income of the plutocracy and stagnant real wages. Professional incomes have been inflated by rigging the game for over the past century, but the shift of national income from wages to investment and management compensation (with the differential between ordinary workers and CEOs increasing by an order of magnitude) is a recent and revolutionary phenomenon.