It's a Bad Thing

Sweeping CO2 under the mat

By Aeon McNulty in: Environment •

It's not just a question of putting out less CO2, but of removing that already there. Whether it's causing the earth to warm, or is the result of the earth's warming, it's a bad thing and we want rid of it because CO2 molecules hold back the heat from the surface and warm the atmosphere....

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CO2 is life

... or so some say, at least.

CO2 is responsible for what ? 2 % of all greenhouse effect ? Also, adding more of it won't make the atmosphere any warmer, because the CO2 we have in the atmosphere right now already catches all the infrared band it is sensitive to. So putting out more CO2 means this absolute amount of heat (which depends on the sun and nebulosity) will only get caught marginally closer to the ground. I think it might make the top atmosphere a bit colder relative to the lower, and that's about it.

On the other hand, more CO2 means faster plant growth: better crops are always good news. If it also means faster phytoplankton growth and results in long term fish reserves increase, all the better ; although higher temperatures might actually mean less CO2 in the oceans thus less phytoplankton and fish depletion. Now that's bad news.

In any case, anyone who wants to remove CO2 from atmosphere can start photosynthetizing. I'm doing my part, I planted 8 trees this spring. I read somewhere that planting enough trees to cover the surface of amazonian forest lost every year would, over its growth time, absorb enough CO2 to meet the Kyoto Treaty's world requirements.

Sequester this

Could you plant an extra couple trees? I just produced a helluva lot of CH4. Tell you what, I'll just submit a new comment under here each time I need another carbon offset. Let me know if you need fertilizer. I got some of that too.