What the reverend is up to these days

Now this is funny: race-hustler Al Sharpton gets accused of religious bigotry by Mitt Romney! Sharpton's comment: "As for the one Mormon running for office, those that really believe in God will defeat him anyways. So, don't worry about that, that's a temporary situation."

The only thing I'm really sure that Al Sharpton believes in is Al Sharpton. A close second place might be making Al Sharpton look like a clown as much as possible.

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ripping off a dawkins.net commenter

Someone commented that while Hitchens is decrying the whole lot of religious people as idiots and zealots and fools, Sharpton is offensive for his ambiguous statement (which c'mon, his explanation is at least plausible enough to get him out of what little hot water should be there) which just seems crazy.

I had the strange experience of rooting against my side for this entire debate, given that I'm a secular atheist yet i find myself so frustrated with this militant Atheist movement that I'm rooting for religious people half the time. I actually thought Sharpton won the debate, albeit by restricting his little patch of defended land to a pretty small plot. I'll probably blog about this on Dist. Repub. soon.


Who lives by the sword...

If it were anyone else, I'd agree with you. But trumping up exggerated or totally unfounded allegations of bigotry is Sharpton's modus operandi. This is poetic justice at its finest.