Now here's where I agree with Doug Mataconis

Prince Charles: still a douchebag.[1]

LONDON (AFP) - Prince Charles compared the challenge of tackling climate change to the Allies' struggle in World War II during a speech to business leaders Tuesday.

Addressing representatives from firms including Barclays Bank, British Airways and Rolls-Royce at Saint James's Palace, Charles said that "we need to act very rapidly indeed" to avert environmental disaster.

"We can do it, just think what they did in the last war. Things that seemed impossible were achieved almost overnight," the heir to the throne added.

Because any effort you liken unto war (or declare its Moral Equivalent on) will yield awesome results. See also War On: Poverty, Drugs, Terror, Illiteracy, Pr0n, Rock'n'Roll, Energy Dependence, etc.

(Seriously, its like magic!)

And after all, lets be honest: who can deny that the 0.6C increase in the 20th century's average global temperature is almost exactly analogous to Guderian's panzer divisions rolling through France and the Low Countries? And lord knows, the best friend the environment has is strong government action. I'm convinced- conscription and planning now!

[h/t to Ezra's guest blogger]

[1] Yes I know he wants to be a tampon instead, but the truth is harsh.

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