Taxicabs and Regulation

PZ - I am very sorry to read about you being taken for a ride in Boston. But why do you think there isn't much regulation of cab drivers in Boston? I am failing to think of a major city that does not have heavy regulation on cabs and cab drivers.

Amongst the unintended (at least unintended by the Baptist half of the Bootlegger & Baptist coalition) effects of regulation are increased barriers to entry and a reduction service levels towards the lowest common denominator. A heavy regulatory environment is effectively a legalized cartel granted and enforced by the government. Perhaps I am over cynical, but the cabbie took you for a ride. 'Mis-hearing' and 'asking for directions from other cabbies' was an act, and signaling to the other cabbies that he was having a good day, at your expense. In the best circumstances, the regulated industries work for the regulators not the customers. In the worst circumstances, the regulators are former industry employees and future industry consultants.

BTW, I love Friday's cephalopod. Kinda cute.

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