Celebrating 100 Years of Heinlein

On 7/7/7 Robert A. Heinlein would have been 100 years old. And if the series of seven's isn't enough coincidence, it is also a Saturday! Add up all the coincidences and you guessed it, there is one hell of a big party happening. Sign up, reserve your hotel rooms, and make your way to the event.

I will be on several panels speaking about spaceships and space business. Schedule permitting, I will be in the front row heckling asking pointed questions at the panels dealing with Heinlein's takes on revolution, economics, and politics.

If coming to see me hold forth on space flight is not enough - how about coming to see astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Brian Binnie, many great writers (including Sir Arthur C. Clarke), and many others?

See you at the Heinlein Centennial!

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