If I Carried a Gun

If I carried a gun in my car* and was pulled over I would most likely be arrested unless I had received permission from the government to carry it.

If I carried a gun and it was seen at my job, I would be instantly fired by most of the employers I have ever had. My current employer does not have an explicit policy on the subject so I do not care to speculate how they would react. However, I do not expect it would be positive.

That instant firing for gun possession whether I possessed it with government permission or not would make it very difficult for me to get employed elsewhere especially at larger companies with specific anti-gun policies.

If I carried a gun to school, I could and would likely be expelled at every institution I have ever attended.

If I were arrested for possessing a gun without government permission, it is possible that I would loose my massage license and thus my livelihood. **

If I was seen with a gun at my church I believe I would get permanently banned from membership (they have strong feelings on gun control).

If I had a gun in my apartment and the apartment management found out about it I would be kicked out for breaking my lease agreement. Which would negatively effect my capacity to get future agreements with other apartment communities.

Given my current circumstances the only way I could own a gun without getting in a lot of trouble if I got caught with it is if I had an official license in the state of Texas to carry a concealed weapon, kept it in my car and never took it out (it could possibly come with me if it were very well concealed and then only in a very few circumstances), and parked my vehicle somewhere outside the property of my apartment complex on the property of someone who had no problem with the presence of the gun in my car.

I am currently an apartment-dweller in Austin, TX.

*FYI having a license to carry a gun is not required in Texas if it stays in your home or car to use for defense. However you will still likely be arrested if you have it in your car and cannot show a concealed carry permit.

**From the Texas department of health, Massage Licensee, Ethical Requirements: (q) A licensee shall be subject to disciplinary action by the department if the licensee is issued a public letter of reprimand, is assessed a civil penalty by a court, or has an administrative penalty imposed by the attorney general's office under the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, ยง56.31.

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