The Car Alarm That Wasn\'t There

This afternoon I had my apartment complex neighbor buzz my door and inform me that my car alarm was going off. I appreciated the notification, but my 2006 RAV4 was quiet when I went out to look, and furthermore, it doesn't even have an alarm system.

On further questioning, my neighbor insisted that there was no mistake in identity, but that it was indeed my car that had been flashing its lights and honking its horn.

A few minutes passed before the light dawned, that the keyless remote entry system was at fault. Almost certainly, someone else nearby has an interfering code in their key.

This also hopefully pushes my upcoming senility back by a bit, as at least twice during the winter I found that my car was locked when I was certain that I had left it unlocked.

Does anyone have a feel for the degree to which the key codes can conflict? Can a Ford interfere with a Toyota, for example?

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