Random Observations

On "Card Check": The corporate stooge will threaten your livelihood. The union stooge will threaten your life.
This is purely from my own experience in a union shop and thus anecdotal. I am not sure how to collect data - how does one collect instances of "I'm concerned about your work habits and your safety"? Note to Megan - no need to invoke organized crime, the union is better off finding the one or two sociopaths in the company in question.

Note on a footnote: "Rational" and "irrational" are overused, both in the blogosphere and the professional literature. The two underlying assumptions of most economic theory are rationality and perfect knowledge. Too often, "irrational" is used when "imperfect knowledge" better explains the situation.

The current role of libertarians in the public sphere is not about getting certain people elected or specific policies enacted. Our role (for now) is to shift the debate. Consider the current debate on how to fix global warming - Pigou vs. Cap & Trade, both relatively market oriented approaches. Just a few decades ago the suggested approaches would have all involved heavy handed regulation, direct rationing and nationalization of industry. I consider this a libertarian victory, though it still leads to bigger government.

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