Random Observations

The extremely attractive Jane Galt wants to be even more beautiful - the perfect asking how to be more perfect?? Speaking of, anyone knowledgeable about Ubuntu want to give me a clue on getting bloggingheads.tv to give me sound along with the video? As pleasing as Megan is to look at, I would like to hear what she has to say as well.

Who the hell is so smart to know with any certainty that the recent market "correction" is any more or less rational than any other short term market movement? Robin's idea seems sound to me. If you lose money because the market is irrational longer than you can remain solvent - then perhaps you are trying to use short term tactics to overcome medium or long term trends, which would indicate to me that you aren't rational, thus calling into question your ability to determine the rationality of market movements. The market is not perfect, but it performs much better than any one person or small group of people.

Glad to see Hawking isn't Sagan. Fairly or not, Sagan has a bit of a reputation amongst aerospace types as a "look, don't touch" type WRT space. Hawking wants to get up close and personal. I hope all goes well and that he enjoys it.

It would seem to me that variability in IQ is a good thing. I am not sure how much weight genetics vs. environment has on IQ, but it would seem that there is a range of IQ that a person could have depending on the environment - like athletics, one can train for and complete a marathon, but unless the genetics are just right do not expect to win. If that is the case, then the Flynn effect may just be that jobs, education, and general lifestyles in developed nations require more skull sweat. Sort of the opposite of Americans and fitness. I think that is what Flynn has recently argued for.

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