Random Political Observation

So just for fun, I gave out my e-mail address to both the Edwards and the Clinton campaigns. (I'll probably do the same with Obama...I've just not gotten around to it yet.)

So far, I've gotten four messages from the Edwards campaign. Of these, two appeared over Edwards' own name, one came from Elizabeth Edwards, and one is from a member of his campaign staff. Three of these messages urged me to support the Edwards health care plan through such activities as hosting a "day of action" (whatever that means) or writing letters to my local paper. The fourth pushed Edwards' new proposal for withdrawing from Iraq.

By way of contrast, over roughly the same time period, I've gotten four messages from the Clinton campaign. Two of these are from Bill Clinton, one is from James Carville, and one is from Madeleine Albright. Each one of these messages has asked me to get involved...by giving money to Hillary Clinton's campaign. Indeed, the substance of all four messages focuses on a specific amount to be raised within a specific time frame.

Now I realize that this is a pretty small snapshot, that the campaigns are still young, and that it's extremely early in the race. Still, I worry about a campaign that seems far more focused on raising cash than it does on, say, actual policy. My impression thus far is that Edwards would make a much better President. And that Clinton will be a far more successful candidate.

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