Close Reid-Hillview! Or: I Hate Poor People!

My letter to the editor of, a site devoted to the closing of the airport where I'll most likely be parking my new plane:

I think closing RHV is a great idea, even though I'm a pilot. Here's why:

* I hate driving 10 miles to find a decent supermarket; pushing the poor out of East San Jose will mean they'll build a Lunardi's right down the street!
* I hate poor people and their crappy cars that they park on the street. They will no longer be able to afford housing in my neighborhood, so they'll have to move by the refinery in Martinez or South County airport or something.
* I hate renters. After the airport closes, politicians and people like us pretending to be champions for the poor will start pushing for rent control to prevent "gentrification," thus guaranteeing no more rental housing will be built!
* I'd really like Eastridge to have more upscale stores and fewer minority kids hanging around, or they should tear the place down. Maybe we can get another Santana Row built there.
* After I make huge amounts of money selling my East San Jose home, I'll move to Half Moon Bay right down the street from the airport, because suddenly I'll be able to afford to live there!

I love your site and I wish you luck in getting that airport closed down! Pretending that 100 "low lead" gas is somehow as harmful as leaded auto fuel is a stroke of pure genius. Once you've succeeded in closing down the airport, I hope you'll consider joining my campaign to institute rent control in San Jose and to stop people from building on their property up in the hills!

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