Who\'s Your Daddy?

Over at Agoraphilia, Glenn Whitman discusses the ethical issues around anonymous sperm donation from a utilitarian perspective. The discussion is interesting (though I don't think that either total or average utilitarianism is particularly useful), but I think I have a solution (shamelessly plagiarized from my comment on Whitman's post) that could render the ethical questions moot:

Perhaps this could be solved by a single-blind system: Don't tell the child his father's identity, but pay the father to send in biannual medical updates, and then give the child access to relevant but non-identifying information.

This would increase the cost of sperm a great deal, but it probably wouldn't have much of an effect on the total cost of artificial insemination and childbirth.

I don't think it would be too hard to design a system that would protect the identities of fathers from all but the most resourceful of unscrupulous sperm bank employees.

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