Oil of Crotalus Scutulatus

Getcher Good Health! Heals everything! Not only does it cure you of all your ills - I guarantee that with just two ounces of this Miraculous Oil you will never again need to worry about the high cost of healthcare, health "insurance", or being denied Healthcare! You will always get the best care the world can offer! Step right up, no need to push or shove your way to the front, there's plenty for everyone! Just $200 to take care of all your health needs for the rest of your life!

If I had actually provided a way for you to give me money for the above "oil" I would soon find myself in deep trouble, possibly 'hard time'. What is the difference between the above and this Economic Policy Institute "briefing paper"? The latter is political, not economic, therefore it has First Amendment protection. It is otherwise no different.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Nor free health care. You cannot have the best quality and quantity for free, or even low cost. The best way to reduce healthcare costs and provide the highest quality for the most people is to reduce or eliminate the licensing requirements, and get rid of third party payers for common services. No, it is not perfect, some people will need to make hard choices about their health, but at least in a more free market each person makes his or her own tough decisions rather than some remote uninterested bureaucrat making those decisions.

Hacker's proposed healthcare system is just snake oil.
Crotalus Scutulatus, Mojave Rattlesnake

Crotalus Scutulatus, a.k.a. Mohave Rattlesnake.

HT - Arnold Kling.

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