Civil Rights Are Undemocratic

The headline showing on Google News reads: "NJ's Move Toward Same-Sex Unions Called Undemocratic." My first thought upon reading that was, "Duh!"

It seems to me that civil rights are undemocratic by their very definition, since they are rights that cannot be taken away, even by the will of the majority, at least in theory. The whole reason our Constitution even contains anything other than voting procedures is that it was clear to the framers that if they left everything to the will of the majority, they'd end up with an even worse tyranny than the one they just threw off.

As much as some libertarians may complain, the fact that civil rights today are in as good of a state as they are is a testament to what a great job the framers did at making the USA an "undemocratic" country. Heck, even the Second Amendment survives mostly intact in most states. And the rate at which technology seems to be empowering individuals seems to be outstripping the rate at which democracy is attempting to take away our rights, even using that same technology.

I won't be leaving any time soon, even to go to Ireland. I'll be sticking around to help keep America undemocratic.

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