Progressives For Polygamy!

Kling and Caplan, that entertainingly bickering duo, are at it about polygamy. My two cents: I'm guessing that most feminists think of polygamy as male oppression. In a society where women are free to chose their mates, it's actually the opposite.

Consider the pairings that would happen under monogamy. Now give women the option to switch to being the 2nd wife of some different guy, if both agree. They will only take the option if having a share of a great guy is better than having all of a crappy one, hence only if they benefit from it. This adds more guys to the pool, ie everyone who had a worse guy than the abandoned husband can now move up. The only person who loses is the wife of the great guy, who now has to share him.

In other words, polygamy is better for low-status women and worse for high-status ones, while being worse for low-status men and better for high-status ones. If you are focused on improving the condition of those at the bottom end of the wealth distribution, isn't helping low-status women a great way to do that? Hence the slogan: Progressives For Polygamy!

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