The Transparent Society

At least, a little bit. Here's a roundup of some of recent incidents:

The famous UCLA tasering video, where a student who is in the UCLA Bruin center (restricted to students) refused to show ID, and was repeatedly tased by the UCPD. Watch for the key phrases "Get up or you'll get tased again" - followed by a carrying out of the threat, and at the very end to a brave intervener from the crowd "Get back, or you're going to get tased too". I hope the judge sentences the officers to be repeatedly tased. Or the mob of students had beat the shit out of them.

There have also been several taped LAPD incidents recently, for example see a prisoner's repeated "I can't breathe" result in repeated punches in the face. And here is the police beating people at a pro-immigration counter-protest, which has resulted in some lawsuits, as described by the National Lawyers Guild and some of the victims.

Nice to see a little bit of The Transparent Society happening, thanks to widespread video recorders and video sharing technology. Of course, it remains to be seen whether anything will happen. Most likely, the victims will get some cash, and the officers will get a slap on the wrist. After all, the government protects its own. It's the money of some taxpayers being given to some other taxpayers, with the crime lords who make the laws and the thugs who enforce them getting off scot-free. Some fucking redress.

Here is a video from a TV station exploring how cooperative police stations are with people who come in with a complaint.

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